NFL starting quarterback. Teams with an elite quarterback find themselves in the playoffs on a consistent basis Trysten Hill Jersey , and the Super Bowl usually consists of two of the best quarterbacks in football. Elite athletes such as Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and Aaron Rodgers have a chance to lead their team to a Super Bowl each season just based on their abilities to almost always play at the highest level. For NFL teams to be successful, they also must be prepared to handle a situation in which their face of the franchise cannot play due to injury or suspension Connor McGovern Jersey , and there are a number of teams that do not have great backup quarterback play.The backup quarterback is arguably the second most important position on a team’s roster, but there are many backups around the NFL that would not be capable of leading their team to success on the field. Tom Brady as a backup was able to fill in for Drew Bledsoe and deliver the Patriots a Super Bowl. There is also backup quarterback disasters like what happened for the Dallas Cowboys last season, and Tony Romo’s injury caused the Cowboys to win eight less games in 2015 compared to the previous season. Not every team has a capable backup who can manage and win games for them. Free Agency in the NFL is one of the most exciting parts about the offseason. It lasts about 2 weeks and suddenly there are a ton of rivalries formed that fans didn’t see coming. Think about it, how exciting is that week 7 Monday night game between the Texans and Broncos? What about week 4 when the Browns go to DC to play the Redskins? It adds another level to the fandoms bragging rights when their team can beat their ex-stars.What’s better than beating a player who turned their back on your favorite team? When that player doesn’t live up to the contract they were given and busts. It’s a new kind of schadenfreude Foster Moreau Jersey , watching a player’s career go into the trash feels like some justified retribution from the dagger they stuck into their fans backs. But when the opposite happens, and the player excels, we always forget the pain felt from the betrayal, and just appreciate the talent they have.This offseason had quite a few players jump to new cities. The Giants have a new defense Greedy Williams Jersey , the Texans have a new offense and the Colts are worse than they were last year. Free agency does that to teams. Here are 10 Players who are going to excel on new squads, and 10 who will crash and burn.