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  • Last Post 07 June 2017
TerjeD posted this 02 June 2017


We got PixEdit Server and I am just wondering if there any sorting options for configurations under "Document processing"? Like in setting “Configurations Name” in alphabetical order?


It would greatly improve the overview when we have many configurations (30+). 

- Terje

Andreas posted this 07 June 2017

Hi TerjeD,

Thank you for contacting us on our forum.

As off today there is not possible to automatic sort your configurations. I can understand that this would have been helpful in your situation. I will register a work order on this and we might be able to do something about it in a future release. 

At the moment, the easiest way to sort your configurations is in the config file. You can copy paste the lines there in your desired order. Take a backup of the config file before you start. 

The config file can default be found here C:\Program Files\Techsoft\PixEdit Server\InputConnector and is named "InputConfigurations.config".

Hope this helps for the time being. 


Best Regards

Andreas Wik

PixEdit AS