Sometimes, when deploying PixEdit® Server, using the standard installation .exe with the user interface is not very convenient. Hence, for administrative deployment scenarios, we provide a special installation package. You can find these installation packages on a separate page under your "Licenses and Downloads" page on which is named Advanced Installation.

On this page you will find .zip packages that are named "". Download the zip package for your product to your local machine and unzip it. In the package there are 5 files:

  • Package.msi
  • Install.bat
  • Uninstall.bat
  • Upgrade.bat and Package.msi are the actual installation files, which are used by msiexec, the Microsoft Installer. The three .bat files contains the suggested msiexec commands that you will run to install, uninstall or upgrade the software.

Open up the .bat files in a text editor, and please read the instructions carefully. At the bottom of each file, you will see the command lines, but there are modifications that have to be done to be able to perform a successful installation: You must fill in appropriate values for all the required parameters on the command line. This is information specific to your system and license which the installation needs.

And a final reminder: if you run this command from a command window in Windows, please make sure that the command window is Run as Administrator.