Guidelines for the PixEdit Forum

Welcome to the PixEdit Forum!

This forum is a place for discussing PixEdit® Software products. A lot of information about PixEdit® Software can  be found on our main website, This is a good place to start when you are looking for answers to questions about our software. But, you are of course also most welcome to join the forum and participate in the discussions here. Our technical staff monitors the forum and actively participates in discussions, which makes this an even more valuable source of information about PixEdit® Software.

Please note that members of our staff are also moderators, and may intervene if a discussion does not seem to follow the guidelines which are outlined below.


  • While not a requirement, we appreciate if you choose your real name - or something that resembles it - as your username
  • It is good practice to search for answers in the forum before asking questions
  • When asking questions, try to be as consise and objective as possible
  • If you have a technical problem, please also include technical details that may be relevant, such as Windows operating system version, version of the software, specification of hardware/virtual machine, etc.
  • The forum is open to read for anyone, so please make sure you do not accidentally disclose private or confidential information such as passwords, confidential documents, etc.
  • Express yourself politely and be respectful to other people participating in the discussion
  • Foul language is of course not tolerated, and posts may be removed by a moderator without notice
  • Use the "Dislike" link sparingly
  • Smileys (emoticons) are supported, but use them sparingly 
  • If you find that a post answers your question or solves your problem, please mark the post "Is Solution"
  • If you find a solution or answer yourself, we highly appreciate if you post a reply about it in the relevant thread