Error-messages when scanning using Contex 4490-scanner

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smult posted this 03 May 2017

When trying to scan using 64bit PixEdit and the 64bit version of NextImage (v 5.0.1) it seems like it works at first, then about half way through the scanning, this error


Pressing scan again completes the scanning process, but the NextImage-window keeps hanging with waiting-mouse-pointer, and nothing happens.

Closing the window manually shows an error message hidden beneath:

What does these messages mean?

I had trouble using PixEdit 64bit with Panasonic KV-S7097, so I was wondering if anyone else are using PixEdit 64bit with Contex scanner / NextImage? 


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HansOlav posted this 04 May 2017


These messages comes from the Twain driver so you need to contact Contex support, they should be able to figure this out. Before doing this it would probably be useful to test scan in BW/Greyscale and Full color to see if it is related to specific compressed transfers/type of data. Also test scanning with and without the drivers user interface (Green/Orange button in ScanBar in PixEdit). Dependent on driver implementation you might turn off the setting "No Scan in dialog .." in Scan->Twain Advanced in PixEdit. Some drivers have 3 buttons - Scan/Ok/Cancel while others have 2, Cancel and one which toggles between OK and Scan.

Concerning Panasonic scanners no known issues to our knowledge. Ensure latest version of PixEdit and latest driver from Panasonic available at


Hans Olav

PixEdit AS


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