AUTOORIENTATION failed "PixTools internal error"

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kanor posted this 27 April 2017


Sometimes we get this errormessage during Document processing:

"PixTools:S_Process_MT - DS_MT_AUTOORIENTATION failed "PixTools internal error" (Error code: -1400)"

When it happens the hole job is dropped resulting in need of re-scan of all pages in the job.

There is now configurable options on the Auto-orientation Processing command. Is there any tweaks to bypass autoorientation when it fails so that the job can be sucessfully processed leaving those pages in original layout ?

If not, could this be implemented i future release?


Roald Nakstad


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Andreas posted this 03 May 2017

Hi Roald,

I am very sorry for the late respond.


It's not often that we hear about this kind of problems with the "AutoOrientation" command. 

This error message is often easily explained when we find the root to the problem.

so to clear some things up i would like to ask you a couple of follow up questions. 


What kind of documents are the profile with the "AutoOrientation" command processing? Image files like scanned document, or digital files like word and Excel? 

What other commands is in your profile? please write them in the order you have them in your profile. 


Thank you for your suggestion on the improvement on future release. I will bring it forth on our next developer meeting. I will keep you updated.


Best Regards

Andreas Wik

Software developer

PixEdit AS 

kanor posted this 03 May 2017

Hi Andreas,


Thanks for your reply. Here are answeres to your questions:

This error happends ocassionaly on scanned documents. We only use PDF as file-format for scanned docs.

The job profile has these commands in this order:


Document Separation PixEdit Barcodes

Remove Blank Pages


Remove Punch Holes

Crop Half Page Size

Auto Orientation

Text Recognition (Ocr)

Document Save Properties


I do suspect that some of the documents with auto-orientation problems might have text printed in both directions, so the best solution have been that those documents were ignored an document orientation kept from the input file. So it is good to hear that this might be an option i future releases.



Roald Nakstad

Sopra Steria AS





Andreas posted this 04 May 2017

Hi Roald,


From what you are describing, everything sounds perfectly fine with the setup. 

Auto-Orientation is never suppose to fail a page. If it's having problems with the orientation on a page its suppose to leave the page as is.

So since you are getting this error message i believe that your page is triggering a bug in Auto-Orientation. Is it possible to send us one of the documents that are getting this error to ? 

If we can recreate the error here with us, we are highly likely to find and remove this bug. 


As i was saying. The Auto-Orientation is suppose to work like you are suggesting automatic. So if we can find and fix this bug, I believe it will work as intended.


Best Regards 

Andreas Wik


kanor posted this 15 June 2017

Hi again,

Got this error-message again today, and found a scanned document consequent failing. This document is now sent to Hope you will be able to sort it out then ;-)


Roald Nakstad


Eivinn posted this 16 June 2017

Hi Roald,


We have received the document and found the reason for failure:

After the documents are separated with barcodes the "Remove Blank Pages" command removes all blank pages in each separated document. In the file you sent us there was so little graphics that all pages in the document were removed, this caused "Auto Orientation" to fail because it had no content to analyze.

To prevent this from happening we suggest that you turn down the percent of graphics allowed in the properties of "Remove Blank Pages". For your particularly file I will suggest to try with a value of 0.02.

Also, make sure you do not put a blank page between two separator sheets, or place two separator sheets in a row when scanning. This will give you a document without pages, causing "Auto Orientation" to fail.

After we adjusted the percentage of graphics allowed to 0.02 the document was processed without failure at our test servers.


Best regards

Eivinn Breie

Software Developer

PixEdit AS